Year 6K

Hello and welcome.

We are the Year 6 children of Christ the King Primary School; our teacher is Mrs Kennedy and our teaching assistant is Mrs Shaw. Throughout the year, we hope to impress them both as well as make them proud of the work that we have produced. Daily, we work hard to achieve our targets and goals- we believe that if we try our best, we can develop and become successful people who lead a successful life.

Being in Year 6 (the oldest children in the school,) comes with lots of roles and responsibilities such as: Head Boy and Head Girl, looking after the younger pupils, setting a good example and many more.

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In Year 6, we are called to serve through our actions, words and deeds.  We have many special roles throughout school for example: play leaders, digital leaders, prefects and sports leaders.  We take these roles very seriously and set a good example to the rest of our school.

We pride ourselves on being able to work together in groups to achieve a shared goal.  Here you can see us working together to design a church which will support and serve those affected by world wide issues we have heard about in the news.

In a previous Science topic about light, we created Remembrance themed shadow puppets to help us explain how shadows are formed.

Our digital leaders and play leaders take their roles very seriously.  They are dedicated and committed to carrying out their duties each week to ensure our younger children and safe and happy within school.

We have learnt a lot from recent visitors to school. This is Mr Dennett teaching us about the differences between WW2 military life compared to modern day warfare.  We learnt that many changes have taken place since WW2 to make equipment, uniform and facilities more fit for purpose.


We also made the most of our local amenities—visiting our local library on several occasions to research facts on WW2.  We also got to handle WW2 artefacts whilst we were there.

‘Famous Five Go Off To Camp!’

As part of our English, all of Year 6, camped overnight at school.  We were inspired by our writing on the Enid Blyton classic where the Famous Five head off to camp! What fun we had!

Last year, we had some Golden Ticket winners for fantastic behaviour and hard work!

Mrs Rowe came into school to teach us about her first hand experience of living in Borneo when palm oil production began in the 1990s.  The children were fascinated by her stories of teaching in the rainforest.  “Mrs Rowe, there’s a centipede on the carpet!”