Year 6D

Mrs Dennett (Right) & Mrs Shaw (Left)


Hello and welcome.

We are the Year 6 children of Christ the King Primary School; our teacher is Mrs Dennett and our teaching assistant is Mrs Shaw. Throughout the year, we hope to impress them both as well as make them proud of the work that we have produced. Daily, we work hard to achieve our targets and goals- we believe that if we try our best, we can develop and become successful people who lead a successful life.

Being in Year 6 (the oldest children in the school,) comes with lots of roles and responsibilities such as: Head Boy and Head Girl, looking after the younger pupils, setting a good example and many more.

If you would like to find out more about Year 6, you will find useful information on our website or in our in our newsletters which are handed out regularly.

We hope this has helped you learn a little bit more about Year 6 at Christ the King Primary.


Please click here to view our End of Year 6 Expectations.


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