Year 5D – 17/18

Spring term has started and we are in full swing, learning new things every day.  Our current whole school topic is, ‘Whole Wide World’ where we have been linking our learning to Geography of the world and natural disasters.  We also have lots of exciting school trips planned for this term, including a trip to the theatre and our Year 5 residential to Emmaus Youth Village in Consett.


We are Anglo Saxon artefacts hunters!

This term, we discovered a cryptic message left by Viking raiders—they had stolen some Anglo Saxon artefacts and hidden them on us.  We had to go and hunt for them and then decide on why the Anglo Saxons would have had a use for each item.  We found items such as: warrior helmets, pottery, parts of a shield, clothing and a butter churn.  We then thought about and discussed what we can learn about Anglo Saxon life from these artefacts.  We discovered that life was very different in Anglo Saxon times.


Anglo Saxons at Preston Park

Year 5 visited Preston Park to learn more about Anglo Saxons.  We handled artefacts, made our own clay pots and played a traditional Saxon game.


Sugary Drinks

To begin our unit of work on healthy living to beat childhood obesity, we investigated the effect drinking too many sugary drinks could have on our health.  We estimated how many teaspoons of sugar we thought were in orange juice, red bull, coke and Lucozade before being told the true amount.  Lucozade was a real shocker with 19 teaspoons of sugar! The children were able to explain the health effects too much sugar causes and why we should limit the amount we take.

We are Presenters

As our current topic is whole Wide World, we are currently studying the Wonders in our world. We have focused on The Giant’s Causeway, Christ the Redeemer, The Great Barrier Reef and The Taj Mahal. During one of our lessons we had to create group presentations to present our findings. We discussed how there may be many times in our life when we may have to plan and deliver a presentation.
We also discussed the group presentation skills that would make a successful presentation such as: good eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly, ensuring we are facing our audience and having positive and enthusiastic body language.


We are Project Makers!

Over half term, Y5 were given the task to create a character they would find in a land at the top of a magic faraway tree.  We had some fantastic projects, including a gremlin made from icing, a talking tree made from forest materials, a chocolate dragon and some candy canes.  Well done to everyone who made such a huge effort!



We have supported CAFOD by donating money for CAFOD Family Fast day.  Each teacher provided a soup kitchen and we reflected on how thankful we are that we have food to eat each day.  We prayed for those who are less fortunate.



We have finished this half term with a magical journey to ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. Silky and Moonface (two characters from the story) even visited out classrooms and left secret notes and challenges for us. One of which, led us into our own enchanted forest where we found a range of items left by different characters. We are now writing our own Magic Faraway Tree stories.


This half term we have all thoroughly enjoyed our first school Residential to Emmaus Youth Village in Consett. The children enjoyed every moment of the non-stop challenges and activities that they had to complete over the three days. The theme of the visit was ‘Let your Light Shine’ and our lights were beaming by the time we left. The children now can’t wait for their Year 6 residential next year.


Next half term we have planned a trip to Preston Park Museum for a Viking and Anglo Saxon Workshop.

Before Christmas we travelled to Durham City to explore the Cathedral and the city grounds.  We learnt about Saint Cuthbert and why Durham Cathedral was built in its location.  We also practiced using compasses to navigate our way down by the riverside.


E Safety

In Year 5 we explored cyber safety during our E Safety week at school. We discussed the importance of keeping ourselves safe online and how we can do this well.

Stay and Pray

Before Christmas, each class was responsible for leading an Advent Stay and Pray collective worship for parents and family members.  Our Stay and Pray was based on Jesus as the light of the world.  Our children were extremely refelctive and peaceful and all parents were extremely pleased to have been invited.


Investigating materials:

In Year 5, we are currently investigating materials and their properties.  We recently investigated whether different materials were soluble or insoluble. We carried out a fair test and recorded our results to make our conclusions.


Presenting our shared work:

We collaborated together to create a shared letter based on the story book, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit!’  The class has to read their letter with appropriate expression to relay how their crayon felt.  We are going to read our new version of the story to our FS children when they are competed.


Fruits of the Holy Spirit:

We gathered together in our school hall to explore our school display on the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  We discussed how we can live out these fruits in our daily life at home, in school and out and about in our community.  The children gave some incredible examples.


The day Moonface came to our classroom and sent us on a mission to find character clues in our own Enchanted forest!


Year 5 have paired up with FS children to read them our own version of the story, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit.’ The FS children loved hearing our stories and some said that they were better than the original!

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