Year 5M

Miss Martindale

Mrs Shaw

Spring term has started and we are in full swing, learning new things every day.  Our current whole school topic is, ‘Whole Wide World’ where we have been linking our learning to Geography of the world and natural disasters.  We also have lots of exciting school trips planned for this term, including a trip to the theatre and our Year 5 residential to Emmaus Youth Village in Consett.

We are Presenters

As our current topic is whole Wide World, we are currently studying the Wonders in our world. We have focused on The Giant’s Causeway, Christ the Redeemer, The Great Barrier Reef and The Taj Mahal. During one of our lessons we had to create group presentations to present our findings. We discussed how there may be many times in our life when we may have to plan and deliver a presentation.

We also discussed the group presentation skills that would make a successful presentation such as: good eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly, ensuring we are facing our audience and having positive and enthusiastic body language.



Before Christmas we travelled to Durham City to explore the Cathedral and the city grounds.  We learnt about Saint Cuthbert and why Durham Cathedral was built in its location.  We also practiced using compasses to navigate our way down by the riverside.


Year 5 Stay and Pray

During Advent each class had to deliver their own Stay and Pray. This was a very special experience because the children planned this entirely on their own. We feel both year 5 classes delivered a very spiritual and respectful Collective Worship and it was a delight to share this with our parents.

We now can’t wait for our Lent Stay and Pray after half-term!



We have supported CAFOD by donating money for CAFOD Family Fast day.  Each teacher provided a soup kitchen and we reflected on how thankful we are that we have food to eat each day.  We prayed for those who are less fortunate.


We are Artists

As part of our art topic last term we studied an artist called Anthony Gormley. We learnt that Antony Gormley is probably the best-known sculptor in Britain today. Antony Gormley has always been interested in the human figure. He often uses his own body as a model for his sculptures. We used Plaster of Paris bandages to create our own body sculptures.


How can you help?

Reading is the key to further learning. Please can you make efforts to read at home with your child as much as possible. Every child should be reading at least 4 times per week at home. When you do listen to your child read, please question them about the text they have read to assess their understanding and discuss new vocabulary. It is very important to encourage reluctant readers with lots of positive praise and I do reward those that read at least 4 times in one week with class raffle tickets.

Spellings practice at home is vital to ensure your children are succeeding in their weekly class tests. Children will be tested and new spellings will be issued every Wednesday, spelling books will also be sent home to be signed.  Please encourage your children to practice their spellings out loud AND in written form – giving them little tests is also a great help!

Times tables knowledge is vital for further learning in maths. Children should know all of their times tables by year 5 and knowing all times tables will helps children with a range of mental and written maths work. Children will be tested on a different table each week. The children will write which table they will be tested on in their homework diaries, so please test the children at home asking for verbal or written recall to ensure they succeed in the tests each week. Again positive rewards will be given in class for good weekly marks.

PE kits must be in school at all times during the school year (white polo shirt, red shorts, trainers and tracksuit for outdoors.)  Please encourage your children to take responsibility for their PE kit as again this will help them greatly when they transition to Secondary School.

Can I please ask that ALL uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name and year group. This really helps us if any uniform gets lost or misplaced as we can then return it to the correct owner quickly.

Click here to view the yearly overview Mrs Dennett and I have put together so you can see the topics we will be covering in year 5 this year.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to grab me at the end of the school day.

Many thanks,
Miss Martindale


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