Year 4/5W

Welcome to Year 4/5!

In our class we love learning new things! We like to impress our teachers by trying our best and by being independent learners. Our teachers encourage us to grow in confidence by completing tasks independently and take more responsibility for our work.

We have lots of wonderful things planned this year so please keep checking our website and newsletters to find out more.


This year we will be aiming to complete participate in ‘Active 30/30’ and complete 30 minutes of physical activity in school every day. We will aim to complete 30 minutes of physical activity at home as well, we would love it if parents could help us!

PE takes place every Thursday, however PE sessions may sometimes change, so please ensure PE kits are brought into school every week or left in school and taken home at the end of a half-term.


The children are now getting into the swing of the homework routine and know that all new homework is given out on a Wednesday and must be handed in by the following Monday.

We expect the children to be able to quickly recall times table and division facts for all times tables up to 12 but we will focus on one or two different times tables a week and build up to them all. We are really focussing on that quick recall so practise whenever you can: walking to school, shopping, in the car, anywhere!

Children are also given a new Key Instant Recall Facts sheet each half term which shows parents extra basic maths skills they can practise with their children at home. Children are tested randomly on KIRFs so ensure these are rehearsed little and often.

Children are given time to practise all of these different skills needed, but in order to be successful, they will benefit from the extra practise at home.

Please note: children will be tested on their weekly spellings and tables every Wednesday morning. We will also check their reading logs to ensure they have been reading at home at least 3 times per week.


This term, we have begun our year by focussing on Vincent Tan’s masterpiece ‘The Arrival’. This picture book has captured our imagination already and we have explored the themes of migration. We will also look at some refugee stories and create artwork around this.

We will then be putting ourselves to the test and becoming sports managers as we write motivational team talks. We will inspire and encourage our players through powerful language and motivational features, I hope the players are up for the challenge!

Next, we will remember those fallen as we commemorate 100 years of the First World War.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for visiting our Class page!

Mr Wake and Miss Dinn