Year 1E


Autumn 2

What a busy but exciting half term this has been in Year 1E! We have come such a long way in the autumn term and we have worked so hard.

During the last week of autumn 1, Year 1 celebrated a Global Goals week, where we focused on goal 15- Life Below Water. Here the classroom looked like a underwater world and all subjects that week revolved around the importance of the goal.


At the beginning of autumn 2, Year 1 held Christ the King’s first ever art exhibition. Here we displayed all of the art the children had done since September, and invited parents for a coffee morning while the children showed them all of their hard work. The parents of Year 1E couldn’t have been prouder!


To celebrate the start of our history topic, we invited Mr Helleman in to school to tell us what it was like being an evacuee in WW2. The children found it so interesting and asked so many questions!


Remembrance drama

To celebrate 100 years remembrance, Year 1 cerated their own pieces of drama. We used the ‘poppies’ animation from Cbeebies as inspiration, then put our own spin on it in groups.


In maths, we have added and subtracted using a number line, used numicon to find the difference and looked at 2D and 3D shapes.


As part of our history topic, Year 1 put parts of a plane back together, and labelled each part. They then made plaines with their groups using their bodies, and other children from the class labelled them.


Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 1E, Mrs Earl’s class! What a transition from Foundation Stage to Year 1 it has been, and I must say, we have settled in to the new curriculum and day to day routines beautifully! Our provision project this term is to transform our outdoor shack in to our cosy reading den- slowly but surely!


Our current English topic is fairy and traditional tales, recounts and instructions, and in our second half of Autumn term, we will cover fiction/non-fiction texts and poems. We  had great fun making our own marvellous medicine for George’s grandma for world book day!


In maths, we have been working with place value, grouping, counting forwards and backwards and 2 more and 2 less.


Our local area!

Our current Geography topic is all about finding out where we live and our  local area! We even found Christ the King on a satellite google map of Thornaby!


Our art topic this term is pencil and paint techniques, where are looking at different artists work and their techniques that they use.  We have created our own version of Kandinsky’s circles so far! Our music topic is keeping the rhythm, which really focuses on being able to keep a repeated beat and keep in rhythm with music. What a busy but exciting term Autumn term will be!





Year 1 Newsletter Autumn 2018