Modern Foreign Languages

Vision Statement for Modern Foreign Languages

We believe that learning about key features of French, from basic vocabulary including numbers and colours in KS1, to transport and food across KS2, should lay the foundations for an enquiring and questioning mind. The breadth of the French language the pupils are given, the exposure to understanding about how we build upon previous learning to inform conversations, and correct grammar around them.

We will teach children the skills to develop their French language knowledge; how to gather and translate information, and to develop their skills of correct pronunciations and accents. We believe that Rigolo enhances and enthuse pupils’ learning by bringing to life classroom knowledge and it is a vital tool in the classroom when teaching French.

Our vision is that pupils leave Christ the King with an enquiring mind that has developed an interest in understanding other languages, preparing them for further Modern Foreign Language classes in secondary school which develops a cultural understanding of the world and other countries.

We also visualise that this knowledge will help pupils in the next Key Stage and that the more fluent and wider vocabulary will help give them the best possible start for this, whilst aspiring to be open-minded, culturally aware citizens who make a valuable contribution to society.

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