Be Spirited

Celebrating the Feast of Christ the King through our “Be Spirited” Week

The Light of the World – William Holman Hunt

We spent time looking at the painting of Jesus, as the light of the world and thought about how we let Jesus into our lives. We worked together and created this collage of the painting which is on display in our school chapel.


Liturgical dance to our School Hymn “Christ the King” written by Joe Hammill and our Mini Vinnies

During Be Spirited Week we learnt our new school song and then created a liturgical dance to accompany it.

Reflecting on our School Motto

“Christ be our light and our guide”

Our task was to think about how we can share the light of Jesus with others in our homes, in our school and in our community. We shared lots of ways in which we can be a light to others.